Diptyque – Eau de Rose

by Lash Magazine

Four years ago, Diptyque launched its collection of scented waters, starting with the range of Cologne, which explores every facet of citrus notes. In 2012, the company will begin a new chapter, with “Les Florales”, floral waters.

The line is designed as an ode to the raw material that opens the doors of a new world — the world of flowers, in particular the rose, the flower used for the first creation. Diptyque has always laid great store on high quality ingredients, perfumery know-how, and ingredients that are worked and enhanced in the purest of traditions.

So the rose – the iconic flower of perfumery and perfumers in general — was an obvious choice to start off the new collection

The collection, which includes an eau de toilette and a roll-on, will seduce lovers of sophistication and beautiful fragrances with the quality of its notes and its gorgeous packaging

The place of honour given to the rose in the fragrance must of course continue on the packaging

Every product has its own case and its own designs, created and produced in the purest gift paper tradition with colourful motifs. The plain, original packaging is combining the two modes of graphical expression specific to the brand: the black ink design and furnishing fabrics, which have strong roots in the company’s origins. Diptyque has drawn its inspiration from the motifs of an ancient Japanese kimono

On each case’s background, the Palladian motif (one of the first fabrics created by the company) in a very soft colour range. The deliberately “washed out” colours blend perfectly and do not in any way hide the famous oval, the brand’s graphic signature.

On the case, of course, there is a rose, symbolised in all its embodiments Instead of showing a particular species, the ink drawing evokes an absolute, universal rose.

On the case for the eau de toilette bottle, it blossoms in a giant frieze, unveiling opulent petals and buds about to burst.

On the roll-on, it is presented in little repeated, very neatly aligned patterns

Under their cases, each white container retains the white and black oval shape. The only departure from the rules of the legendary black design is that, for the occasion, each is adorned with a pastel pink rose delicately placed on a trellis.

The bottles also display a little touch of fantasy The oval of the eau de toilette bottle shows a rose tinted in soft shades,while the roll-on is decorated with an armful of black and pink flowers, to make it stand out. This clever blend of modernity and tradition results in a seductive, visual line,which appeals as much for its fragrance as for the beauty of its packaging.