Akris Fall Winter 12/13

by Lash Magazine

Akris is a world of its own. A form of culture, with individual values and quality one must wear and feel to fully comprehend.

The collection from St. Gallen stands for modernity and sophistication. Its lines are clear and simple, the stylistic approach varied yet uncomplicated. Akris is feminine and self-confident. Discreet and full of respect. And designed for women for whom fashion is not only about clothes, but a way of life.

Designer Albert Kriemler gives Akris its unmistakable signature, his feeling for fabric and color marked by a clear, architectural flair. He describes fashion as others describe buildings, and is interested in the ’construction’ of an apparel piece. His creations focus on proportion, structure and cut, and caress with a comfortable lightness. He thinks in spatial dimensions and prefers to work on a human form. «Today one is used to viewing fashion on models in photos or videos. But only when a dress is worn and it feels well on the body can we tell whether it has really achieved or not,» states Albert Kriemler.