Billy Boyce Capsule collection

by Lash Magazine

Within the heart of London emerged a law graduate who swapped a steady path for an ambitious and vivacious dream in the fashion industry. Brand designer Shaun Akanbi has created a new genre of fashion.

You would be forgiven for thinking you have woken up on the shop floor of a Mayfair super brand but you don’t have to buzz the door to get hold of this daring collection. Billy Boyce Clothing is aimed at an array of individuals and is priced at a contemporary and chic, commercial high street market. The brand is available online and has a physical presence in Jada Styles celebrity store on High Street Kensington and many other independent retail stores around the Mayfair area of London.

Billy Boyce Clothing which is named after the creative directors’ father makes bold statements with every collection piece. Combining futuristic holograms, sequin, detailed trimmings and eclectic colors into a glistening and exciting modern street wear collection. Sequins, corduroy, animal print faux fur and moulage crepe are the magical forces at work in this daring collection. Inspired by the lust for luxury goods, Shaun built this fierce collection to reveal the brands outermost scope of sheer elegance.

Welcome to the world of Billy Boyce…