Thomas Lelu Exhibition « Be the Change you wanna see » April 14 – May 5 2012

by Lash Magazine

To Thomas Lélu each image collected must face multiple assaults, extracted from its original context where it was used for both justification and protection. It is sometimes covered, sealed, recessed as its main figure, or put in the frontal confrontation with a text leading to implosion.

The confrontation is often blind, but not the least illuminating. The sign covering image is used as much to hide it than to reveal it. Its activated double mask device developer and the tensioning of the visual sense – and thatThe image and the message refer to ideological backgrounds that are generally antagonistic and mutually exclusive: fashion, politics.

Salutary collision exposes the artificiality of statements purporting to represent the natural beauty or the true discourse. There is at first a game of pretense: you might think for a moment that the text speaks in the name of the image: “But for now let me say!” Reciprocity is in fact totally fake – or say rather surface