L’Appartement by Didier Royer

by Lash Magazine

In April, the artisanal men’s barber, Didier Royer, opened l’Appartement feeling much like a seafarer sailing across the seas or a traveller longing to see the world. Situated on rue du Colisée at the very heart of the prestigious triangle d’or in Paris, l’Appartement is a private but easily accessible studio for men who want to do that little bit extra for their appearance.

After receiving training as a barber in the region of his birth, Brittany, (this course no longer exists), Didier Royer moved to some of the main salons of Paris (e.g. Carita, Alexandre de Paris) before setting up on his own in the 17th arrondissement in 2009 where he opened his first salon. His talent as an artisanal barber and hairdresser is so appreciated that his all-male clientele would continue to come to him wherever he set up.

His fame as an artiste grew exponentially and now people flock to him from far and wide requesting his talents (businessmen, lawyers, politicians, models, artists, journalists, TV presenters, etc.).

Not one to rest on his laurels, Dider Royen has a pragmatic streak and was quick to understand the need to give personal attention to all customers, which was hard to achieve with a shop-front salon. Therefore, after careful thought, at the end of 2011 he decided to draw the curtains on the first hairdressers and set up in a private apartment far from the public view. Following several months searching for the perfect apartment, during which he continued his activities through home visits to customers who could not wait for the snip of the scissors and the brush of the comb…

At the beginning of March 2012, after umpteen apartment visits, Didier Royer was rewarded for his patience and willpower when he fell under the charm of a ground floor apartment in the 8th arrondissement…from then on he looked no further. That was where he would ply his comb and scissors: that would be the location of the L’Appartement.

Then it was a race against the clock: renovation work, setting up the equipment, ordering in from suppliers and so on. Not to mention all the regular customers constantly coming to check the progress…a race against the clock that was won in style with the opening of L’Appartement on Thursday 26 April on 43 rue du Colisée in Paris’ 8th arrondissement.

All paid off for Didier Royer: he managed to create an Appartement different from any other through his willpower, tenacity and professionalism; an apartment that is well thought-out and superbly designed to be a real haven of  masculine elegance combining great hairdressing skills, traditional shaving, depilation, hand care, personalised advice and much else, all in a discrete and sophisticated ambience,  where the doors are always open to those of you who, from to time, wish to treat yourself and make an extra effort with your appearance.

L’Appartement – 43 rue du Colisée. 75008 PARIS

Hairdresser, Barber & Grooming for men Individual service –        by appointment only.         Tel. : + 33 (0)6 03 59 83 11 – E-mail:        lappartement.colisee@gmail.com