The Travel Collection of the Art of Body Care by Diptyque

by Lash Magazine

 To attract the lovers of distant lands, diptyque is expanding its travel collection with a set of The Art of Body Care….

Inspired by ancestral rites and rare raw materials from diverse towns, The Art of Body Care line invites you on a sensual, luxurious and elegant journey from the Mediterranean to the gates of the East.

Four products, Smoothing Body Polish, Revitalizing Shower Gel, Fresh Lotion for the Body and the Luxurious Hand Balm are presented in a white box, illustrated with the ovals highlighting the main ingredient of each scents.

The collection is housed in a satin finished container (can we say box) adorned with traditional diptyque black lettering. A white cotton pouch, imbued with sensorial and olfactive destinations in the Mediterranean, preserves the precious fragrances of the Art of Body Care collection.

Smoothing Body Polish – Sumptuous, Rich, Regenerating

Designed to give the bathroom a spa-like feel of Carthage, this two-coloured body polish is infused with white and black jojoba and silica beads that gently exfoliates skin. It is also rich in emollient pomegranate oil, soothing jasmine and nourishing peach butter.

Revitalizing Show Gel for the Body and Hair – Invigoring, Fresh, Foaming

A 2-in-1 product, this transparent foaming gel combines bergamot scent to the floral scent of peppermint to tone the skin with extract of almond and wheat oligopeptide to wash hair and give it volume and shine. Inspired by Reggio Calabria and its waterfalls, its rustic fragrance is delightful.

Fresh Lotion for the Body – Cool, Fluid, Pleasing

Deliciously fresh, this lotion moisturises, soothes and softens skin. Its lightweight formula quickly absorbs into the skin, leaving it with the stimulating aroma orange blossom, like a morning breeze that awakens the bay of Alexandria.

Luxurious Hand Balm – Rafined, Silky, Protective

Exquisitely mild, this delicious balm heals dry hands and is infused with almonds and Cordoba apricot. A blessing for hands as well as dry, rough areas on the body.

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